The Website Leader Podcast

EP 12: Interview with Will McBee – You Are A Tech Company

Episode Summary

William McBee walks us through what it means to be a tech company these days and how almost all businesses are tech companies. William provides us with great information to help us think through how to use technology in our business and when to get help either externally or internally to guide us on the tech path.

Episode Notes

William McBee is a crazy intelligent human being. He has a giant brain, and we are fortunate to tap into some of it. William is a literal encyclopedia on any topic. William has a gift of becoming most people’s favorite person a short time after meeting them. Yeah, he’s a charmer. William’s background includes DOD, Sega, BMW, Michelin, Bank of America, LabCorp, and now he’s leading a special tech team in the insurance world in Raleigh, NC.