The Website Leader Podcast

EP 13: Interview with Brian Knox - Digital Photography

Episode Summary

Businesses see the need for original images and are investing more in original photography. Brian shares with us how businesses are using original photography and things to think through when working with a business photographer to get the most out of your investment. Brian will help you capture the hard work you are doing.

Episode Notes

Brian Knox is a commercial photographer located in the Upstate of South Carolina. He is obsessed with the classic work environment and physical labor in building tangible things. He is more the grit over the glamour type of photography. Brian specializes in photographing the everyday heroes and daily grinders who make our lives possible. From the docks to the rooftop to the farmland, his goal is to showcase your work with honest and compelling photography. Brian Knox loves serving business owners and works tirelessly to deliver images businesses are proud to share.

You can find Brian at