The Website Leader Podcast

EP 19: Interview with Rhiannon Poore - Talent Recruitment

Episode Summary

Rhiannon Poore is the founder and CEO of Forge Search + Consulting. Rhiannon has over fifteen years of experience in talent acquisition, business development, marketing, and talent development. Her background includes recruiting and talent acquisition for such companies as Southern First, Elliott Davis, and Find Great People. Rhiannon is recognized for her unique ability to lead change and to drive results.

Episode Notes

Rhiannon joins me to discuss the current environment around finding talent for your business. Rhiannon shares statistics and tips for business leaders to use when they are ready to hire. This is a new era for finding talented human resources. Some of the key principles around hiring are still applicable, others are now more amplified, and there are new things to learn whether you are looking to hire or looking for that new career.

You can find more about Forge Search + Consulting and Rhiannon at ForgeSC.comĀ