The Website Leader Podcast

EP 24: Interview with Brian Walsh - Diversification

Episode Summary

Keeping your eyes open for opportunities to diversify within your business's industry is a great way to grow. Brian Walsh with Progressive Properties of Greenville has been in the contracting space for over 20 years and in the real estate world for over 13 years. After his many years in the professional plumbing business, Brian got into flipping houses. He then saw opportunities to start a property management company, begin renting residential units, project manage contracts on properties, offer turn-key, renter-ready rental units, and now is rolling into multifamily syndication.

Episode Notes

Brian Walsh is the President and Founder of Progressive Properties of Greenville, a full-service residential property management company in Greenville, SC. Brian has been in the construction business for over 20 years and leading PPOG for over 13 years managing over 400 units. His co-owner, wife, and my cousin Heather have built this management company from the ground up with Brian. Brian’s team is a group of carefully-selected industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge, field training, and hands-on experience. Brian and Heather manage properties, sell rent-ready houses, project manage, and partner with investors.

You can find more about Brian and Progressive Properties of Greenville at