The Website Leader Podcast

EP 27: Interview with Ryan McAllen - Storytelling and Communication

Episode Summary

Storytelling matters in business and in life. We all have a story and we all relate better to stories in communication than just factoids or words spit out in a talk. Find ways to incorporate stories into your business communications and see how much more your audience connects with your business.

Episode Notes

Ryan McAllen is an old friend and someone I truly believe is a master storyteller, communicator, and presenter. Ryan has spoken at the Hall of Men, Anderson Classical Conversations Kickoff in 2020 and 2021, participated and spoke in a decade of RESTFest conferences, and he teaches Sunday School for 7 - 12-year-olds and teens. Any talk that I have witnessed with Ryan he commands the room. Ryan was an avid East Coast Swing dancer but now is an up-and-coming pickleball powerhouse. Ryan can give you a lesson or two on pickleball if you’re up for a game.