The Website Leader Podcast

EP 29: Interview with Lazaro Montoto - Restaurant Service Industry

Episode Summary

Lazaro Montoto helps us better understand the state of the service industry. How inflation, the pandemic, staffing, supply and demand challenges affect what customers experience in pricing and service. Key takeaways include being patient and grateful that people like Laz lead in this space to ensure the best outcomes for their team and customers.

Episode Notes

Lazaro Montoto (Laz) is the founder and owner of Tropical Grille and part owner of Tipsy Taco. Laz came to Greenville 14 years ago from Miami to build his concept of a fast, healthy, affordable restaurant. He and his wife Shadid now have 12 Tropical Grille locations and two new locations coming to Charleston and Charlotte, NC. Tipsy Taco has 8 locations in the Upstate and North Carolina.

You can find more about Laz at and